Meet My Tibbies


I’ve been the lucky mommy for many Tibbies over the years. Some I bred; some I adopted. Some are still with me; some have gone to the Bridge. I adore all Tibbies.



Ashley came into our care at TSCA Rescue from a Michigan shelter. At 15 1/2 years, she doesn’t hear or see very much and her little body is stiff, but she is strong and can bring on the Tibbitude when she wants her way. I love how she celebrates her meals by “happy dancing” around the kitchen. Her Tibbie sisters and I will cherish her for the rest of her days.




Honey joined our family in 2022, my youngest Tibbie in many years, She is a cuddle-bug who never leaves my side. Best. Bed. Dog, Ever! She has brought exuberance and fun back into my Tibbie family. Thanks Colleen Bias Chaffee of Shenanwood Tibbies, for my Funny Honey Bunny.







Twyla Dawa, my sweetheart, is a gentle being. Thank you, PNC Midwest Rescue, for rescuing her and helping her learn to live outside a cage.



Precious Coco, also known as Cocolicious, the best licker ever, was the alpha of my Tibbie family until she passed at age 16 1/2. Thank you, Colleen Bias Chaffee of Shenanwood Tibbies, for my “Angel.”

Suzy Q


Darling Suzy Q was so cute, so smart, so brave, so full of spirit. She never let blindness stop her from doing anything she wanted. Thank you, TSCA Rescue and the TSCA Rescue & Health Trust, for allowing me to give her a home. If you’re considering adoption, please don’t rule out “special needs” dogs.



Willy Woo, Ch. Alan-Li’s Willy the Conqueror, earned his AKC championship at 10 months and spent the rest of his long life being my heart dog .



A senior rescue, Danny spent a happy year and half with my Tibbie family before going to the Bridge. Please support senior adoption organizations like Senior Dog Haven & Hospice.




Sassy was a challenge, but I adored my “Funny Face” and was devastated when I lost her so suddenly. I wish I’d been a better mommy to her.



Bear, the ever-worried, was my first-born. In the last two of his 17 years, he became paralyzed but still enjoyed life tooling around on his “wheels.”



Ciana, Ch. Ciana Lili of Alan-Li, beloved pillow dog, was my first home-bred champion. But, more importantly, she was the most loving, patient little soul who ever lived.



Patches, Ch. Patchouli Panda of Alan-Li, my gorgeous parti boy, broke my heart when I lost him to lymphoma at only 8 years of age. Never forgotten.




Shen, Ch. Jemari Shenandoah, was a dapper little guy who wanted to be head Tibbie. Sadly for him, Patches had the job.



Kissie, my first Tibbie, taught me how charming and independent this breed can be. She gave me four beautiful babies and lived to 18 years old.



Although obviously not a Tibbie, Charlie the Wordy Bird, my constant companion for 32 years, loved to order the Tibbies around. “Time for bed” “Time to eat” “STOP barking” “Go pee!” Being Tibbies, they ignored him.