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In the second Abby Swann Mystery, the townspeople of Murderkill Beach are picking up the pieces in the aftermath of Hurricane Jonah when Dawa and Senge, Abby Swann’s Tibetan Spaniels, find the town’s mayor sprawled over a tree trunk, dead. Did he die of natural causes, as everyone says—or did he stumble over something sinister in the swamp? In search of the answer, Abby navigates the waterways and secretive goings-on, past and present, around Murderkill Beach—but will a good-looking Australian professor or his likeable student throw her off course? Meanwhile, Dawa sets out on a magical journey with the faithful Senge and a sassy Siamese named Ah Choo—will Dawa find the link she seeks? In the thrilling conclusion, Abby is mired in trouble up to her neck—can the Tibbies and their buddy, Ollie the Pug, save her?

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Dog Dreamzzz tells a tale of two Tibbies, the lovely but mystical Dawa (“Moon”) and her faithful sidekick Senge (“Lion”), as they help their owner Abby solve a mystery.  Threads of history, mystery, and fantasy are woven into a tapestry of a plot that joins past and present.

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Publisher:, Inc. (2014-06-15) (1656)
ISBN: 978-0-9767282-9-0
Dimensions: 8 1/2″ X 5 1/2″
342 pages
Cover Illustration by Lindsay Vest

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