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Tibetan Spaniel books

Gift is Great!

“The content of Tibetan Spaniel–A Gift from the Roof of the World is all-embracing… The delightful anecdotes recounted…to illustrate the loyal and affectionate nature, the amusing traits and general character of the breed, really brought the book alive and made it so absorbing to read… The Tibetan Spaniel has pride of place in my library…and should be made compulsory reading for all first-time Tibbie owners.”—U.K. Reader

“This is no ordinary book…unique…a heartening book which is to be highly recommended and well worth seeking out.”—Juliette Cunliffe, Tibetan breeds expert, writer, judge


“Your book was a great help to me when I was researching small breeds…. Two years ago this past February I carried my first Tibbie across the threshold of my home and things haven’t been the same since. She had my husband wrapped around her paw in less than 24 hours. I hold you responsible for the fact that I am now living with nine Tibbies.”—Dianne Tyree, Wexford Tibetan Spaniels

“It is a GREAT book!!!… a true treasure and well worth owning!! I recommend it to all my puppy buyers… because it is not just the “run of the mill” breeder’s book… and it has information for ANYONE interested in Tibbies.”—Carol Srnka, Belgae Tibbies

“Your wonderful, so beautifully researched Tibbie book is a treasure! It has been so helpful with [my Tibbie] Soleil in every way and rich in the love of this remarkable and precious breed. She is a gift everyday as are you. I send heartfelt gratitude from us both. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” Elizabeth Rickard

“I conclude we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Susan for this impressive work… While the Tibbie is indeed a gift from the roof of the world, the book is a gift from Susan Miccio…those of us who do and will love Tibbies are indebted to Susan for her labor of love.”—U.S. Reader



Dog Star is a Romp!

“Although I’ve read Miccio’s entertaining and complete Tibetan Spaniel: A Gift from the Roof of the World, I was not expecting this work of fiction to be nearly the entertaining romp it is! The two Tibbies, Dawa (Moon) and Senge (Lion) are the sleuths who apply their unique Tibbie logic to helping their antiquities dealer Mom to solve the mystery of a kidnapped dog. They manage to communicate as only the highly verbal Tibetan Spaniel can. Miccio’s dog characters are right on, and anyone who does not already own an “attitude of Tibbies” will no doubt go searching for one immediately. A wonderful read for dog-lovers!”—U.S. Reader
“I have just finished Dog Star and I would just like to say that I want to be Abby Swann, live in Swann’s Nest, and have a potential hunky boyfriend. With each page I could touch, feel and smell what Miccio’s words created. If you have a dog (or cat), this is a great book to cuddle up with your dog (or alternate pet source) and read.”—D.L. Firebaugh



Blown Away by Dog Dreamzzz!

“I picked up Dog Dreamzzz before lunch and could not put it down until I finished it… WOW! What a wonderful read… I laughed, I cried, and could not wait to turn the page. What a wonderful ending! The heroes of this book are two Tibbies and a Pug… oh, and their humans have a role as well. If you have Tibbies, work with Tibbies, or ever wanted to be associated with Tibbies, you have to read this book.”—Larry Cummings

“I totally fell in love with Dawa and Senge and Tibbies. Thank you for a delightful book!”—Joyce Kelbaugh

“I love Tibetan Spaniels, enjoy mysteries, and lived on the Delmarva peninsula for most of my childhood. Those are three reasons why I enjoyed this great book. I hope Susan has started on her third Tibbie mystery because I’m ready for more!”—Jann Schott

“I am a big fan of Pat Conroy and James A Michener because I enjoy the story along with the history lessons—Miccio’s writing gives me a taste of this writing style! Looking forward to the next book!!”—Jan Reagan

“This is such a fun story… Anyone who loves animals and a good mystery will enjoy Dog Dreamzzz… I would [give] it six stars if I could.”—Lee Beringsmith

“I liked and enjoyed Dog Star but I was blown away by Dog Dreamzzz.”—J. Roark

“WOW! I LOVE this book!!! I loved …[Dog Star] too! When I sat down to read Dog Dreamzzz, I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down, yet I wanted to try to read slowly and savor every bit of it…. There are so many layers that pull you in and hold you in this exciting world Susan has created full of mystery and intrigue…a glimpse into the psyche of the relatively unknown but amazing Tibetan Spaniel, their relationship to each other and to the humans in their lives and a sense of their history, as a relatively ancient, very intelligent and poignantly sensitive dog breed originating in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet; the relationships between the human characters; interesting history of life on the Delmarva Peninsula…. Everything weaves together so nicely, in a way that you can’t find a place to stop reading because you can’t wait to find out what happens next. I am so looking forward to Susan’s third book in this wonderful Abby Swann mystery series!!!”—Chris Allard